About Us

Specializing in geological supplies, Fluoroscopes/Microscopes equipment, Wildrose Geological Supplies offers a range of Comparison Trays, Exam Trays, Geological charts, Geological hammers, Geological Sieves, Geological spot plates,Mud logging tools, field equipment, storage and clothing for geologists.

As a company, Wildrose has had major success in the development and marketing of its own sample catchers and board required supplies, Stereo Zoom Microscopes, Flouroscopes, Illuminators, and many other innovative products..

Wildrose is also pleased to supply its customers with the care, quality and dependability that they have come to rely on.

We have been a supportive member of the Oil & Gas community in Calgary for over 30 years. We have worked hard to supply you with high quality products that we design and test ourselves. If you have any issues regarding our products you may contact us directly..